Abbie B., age 21, Pennsylvania

Another Fri, has come, and tonight I go home, Bell says “I’ll have the pony all ready, Look there in the saddle on the fence, Friday [X]  give.”  She is the greatest Bell that ever lived.  +++++  I am anticipating a grand ride tonight wish you could be with me.

School moves along nicely – I was told I had the best certificate in the township, except one man and that had been teaching 18 years.

Mrs. Butler has a grove of white pines in her yard and when I first began teaching,  gathered up the cones and took them to school to start fire, but of late I pull the bark from the from the fence posts or I walk to school.  Sometimes I use slough grass and dried weeds.  There is no fire but a pile of coal by the door.  But as the fire keeps from Monday to Fri.  I do not need much kindling.

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