Abbie B., age 22, Kansas

Baked up all my flour yesterday, went up to I in p. m. Should have gone before, Several of the family have the ague.  Their roof leaks –  and that is bad.  We have so many mellons, my limbs and head ache.

Hope I am not getting the ague.  P got flour.  Did not get any letters last eve.  The Cowskin creek is so high, no one can cross.  There are three streams to cross to get to Wichita The Ninnescah – Cow skin and Arkansas, and usually one or the other are high.  It has been cool for two weeks, and we have had much rain. The crickets are so bad. When I turned my bed tick, there was a handfull in the corner, next the wall.

They eat holes in cotton goods. Lost a handkerchief up near the garden. When I found it, it was full of holes, and they were having a hop on and around it.

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