Abbie B., age 22, Kansas

This is Sunday, had expected to write so much, when my work was finished, but not dressed yet. Mrs. Springer and son came. The mail came yesterday— a letter from sister Mary, in it a very handsome colar. and Mrs. L sent along fresh buffalo meat.  So I was fixed for dinner.

R. had put a big mellon in the well to cool. After dinner when he brought it in, it slipped out of his hands shot right at Mrs. S-, fell at her feet and broke in two — It was so funny, I was glad to have something to laugh at. It eased a nervous strain I was suffering from.

After they left I wrote a long letter home. Jake went to W and has been sick and not returned yet. So many have, or had the ague, I believe it is always so in new settlements. Brother is getting well slowly, but his appetite is poor. Had intended having soup for dinner of the buffalo meat, but was too inexperienced to make it for company. We had for supper however, and it was good, and he ate a little of it.

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