Abbie B., age 22, Kansas

Have been too busy to write. Cleaned the house and wrote letters. Monday washed, baked and made brine for the meat. Yesterday finished the white clothes, dressed a prairie chicken, and wrote a letter.

It still smells of skunk. Had to turn the head of my bed, it prevented my sleeping. There have been three deer around, but too far away to shoot.

Philip took his ox to town and sold him for a cent a pound. He paid $100 for the two, did a little breaking, then one died.

There was a man here this a. m. hunting a girl. His wife was sick and they needed help.  They were from N. Y. My first thought was, I must go and care for her, she is ill and so far from home. Then I knew I could not leave here— It was ten miles down the river, and I would not put that distance between brother and me, under present conditions.

He had two fine horses. One had a ladies side saddle on—seated in blue velvet.

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