Abbie B., age 22, Kansas

Washed, hung the clothes on the bushes to dry.  Will borrow Mrs. Roses irons to iron a few pieces.  Do not iron often.  Glad when the clothes are clean and smell good. Nearly out of writing paper— Home folks keep us in stamps— Mother send hops—and I make hop yeast— that is why the bread is so good and sweet.

Jake rode down on a mule this eve. He is going to town to morrow. Phillip is sending along for some things. I asked him to bring me a pennys worth from town. When he left— I said “dont forget the pennys worth,” and as P- was walking up the path with him, I called, “I must remind you of that pennys worth.” He just hawhawed and laughed.

Some of these young men are nice, and we do have merry times, but it could not be, if my brother was not here. He is so quiet and particular, and would soon rebuke me if I should be indiscrete. He is a good brother. The Roses Jake and others think so much of him. Jake deserves a good wife, and I think there is one waiting for him in Ohio.

*(, Kansas State Historical Society, copy and reuse restrictions apply)