Abbie B., age 22, Kansas

Just finished baking snaps—we like them. It is nothing but cook turkey all the time, feel as if I did not care to see another for a year. It is fried for breakfast, potpie for dinner, roasted for supper—cold for breakfast ct. ct. Today is clear and the plowing going on. Baked two squash pies. They are real good. Mrs. S told me how to bake them when we have no milk or eggs. Had an early dinner. They came in before I was ready. I slept so well last night. Some­time I lay awaik for hours. We had pancakes for breakfast. I cant toss them over like P can. Sometimes he sends them over the second time, to see them flap.

Heavy shower last night over east. We thought it might reach here. Sometimes the rain comes in at the sides— so I took my clothes down, put them on a stool, then under the table. We dont have any chairs, just stools, two are cushioned with robe. Some time a go P raised his bed from the floor. When J. R. is here he sleeps on the floor.

We have no broom. When I sweep, I take a turkey wing in each hand, sweep out a corner, then step there, and sweep a head of me, until the floor is all swept. Sweep every thing into the fire place.

*(, Kansas State Historical Society, copy and reuse restrictions apply)