Abbie B., age 22, Kansas

Cloudy, windy, exceedingly unpleasant all day. I did not see the Roses or Springers to give them good bye— Will have to write to them. The boys got my trunk last night, but it was after nine when they came this morning, so we got a late start. I have a poor place to write, so it is impossible to give the particulars of our leaving.

The Ninnescah was easily forded. The Cowskin was bad. The driver Mr. Stafford feared we could not cross the Arkansas, but two teams ahead of us crossed, and the ice was broken, so we had no trouble. We stopped at the Harris House. It has changed in every respect, since I was here last Spring.

It is now a three dollar a day house. We had a good supper which did me much good, after our cold ride of twenty miles.

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