Abbie B., age 22, Kansas

Left Newton at 4 a. m. Stoped at Florance for breakfast. The ground was frozen and rough. Going to a restaurant for breakfast—one of my new shoes split from the lacing to the toe. When I got back to the cars, I was glad to put on my old shoes. Philip had planned a trip down to Indian Territory. Owing to our having ague so often he gave it up, and was disappointed that I did not see more of the Indians.

When I was leaving he told me about the Potawamies at St. Marys, and wanted me to go there if only for a day. I did not promise, but as we neared Topeka, I decided I would, knowing it would please him. Left my trunk at Topeka— got a ticket for Harrisburg for $38.50—with lay over priviledges.

Then a ticket for St. Marys 25 miles west. On the train I sat by a lady agent— She said they had been burned out in the great Chicago fire, and she had to do something to help her family. There is no hotel here—but we were directed to a private home where they sometimes took boarders— In the p. m. we visited one of the big Catholic Schools. There is some controversity now about the government withdrawing the help it gave the schools. We were only taken through halls—and to one empty class room, so were disappointed in not seeing and hearing a recitation. We walked around town, and saw many squaws and papoos.

*(, Kansas State Historical Society, copy and reuse restrictions apply)