Abbie B., age 22, Kansas

The usual a. m. work, then cut out a basque or sack for me. Am getting out of every day dresses, but have lots of petticoats. Called at Roses this eve. She had so much to tell of her trip to town, and I of my calls down river, we just laughed. The sun went down—and I had to hurry home. I dont like to cross the river unless I can see the sand bars, and it takes time to put off and on stockings and shoes. I promised to go back as soon as my sack is finished, and tell her all I know. “Yes,” she said, “and you can manafacture some more in the meantime.” The evenings are cool, the mosquitos not so bad.

Brother tells me Jake has ague. Too bad. Papers from home. How they remember us.

*(, Kansas State Historical Society, copy and reuse restrictions apply)