Abbie B., age 23, Illinois

I am having a very happy visit here. Made a dress for the baby, and did some other sewing. Went to school one p. m. with the girls. Was pleased with the school, good order, and good teachers. The cousins have many books. I have enjoyed reading some of Shakespere plays and from Goody’s Ladies Book out loud to cousin Emma. She has good help, so does not need to worry about house work. I had expected to have gone down to Egypt to see cousin Sallie [Barnes], and had engaged passage in the buss from here to Danville, twenty miles to the railroad. It rained and the Vermillion was so high the buss could not cross. The buss only makes two trips a week, and every seat was en­gaged for next trip. I waited a week, and in the mean time it rained some more and the water was high again. I think some of giving up the trip. It is 150 miles direct South, but I must go a round about way, which will make the trip much longer.   *(, Kansas State Historical Society, copy and reuse restrictions apply)