Abbie B., age 23, Kansas

My school is larger than it was, have 19 pupils, and that just fills the room. A school south of here closed, and several from there, now come here. Alas my “good order” is not so good. I am glad that in two weeks, my four months are up.

The other day I met a so called phrenologist, He was a great talker. Bess had told me about him, and that should I meet him,  I was not to take him seriously, as he was daffy on the subject.

He soon introduced the subject, and after a time I asked how he accounted for it when the bumps on one side of the head were larger, than on the other. He answered “if larger in the right side, all interests centered in self. If larger on the left side, it denoted great generosity.”

He went on to tell me, that my mental faculties were no better developed than those of the majority of people.

I was well balanced, a lover of order, have a good memory, do not like to see people ridiculed, thought a comfortable living indis­pensable to happiness ct. ct.

I wonder what more he would have said, had not others come, and the subject was changed.

Last night we went to a Spiritualist meeting at Fees Hall.

To me it appeared to be all slight of hand, but many around here believe in it.

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