Abbie B., age 23, Kansas

Good long letters, and papers from the East came yesterday. Very warm but not dry. Back a way is a big bunch of cow tongue cactus in bloom. If it was home how it would be admired. To warm to walk now. When I came I enjoyed walking, and did quite a bit.

Early in the spring, before the Indians left, They burned a strip from the river towards the prairie. The dried grass all gone, one could see piles of buffalo bones, and their wallows—where they had rolled until the sod was gone. Into these wallows, sunflowers and other seeds had drifted and grew, and now are nearly as high as I. This morning I washed, hung the clothes on the bushes to dry. Browned coffee and put more hay into my bed tick. Now it is 3 p. m. I am going to the garden for radishes and peas for dinner tomorrow.

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