Abbie B., age 23, Kansas

I was too busy to write yesterday. Baked such good bread, then dressed the biggest turkey I ever saw, Philip had been saying for a couple days that if that turkey did not stay away he would shoot him. The breast I slised and fried like stake. Mrs. Lane came, in time for dinner, I went part way home with her.  We were resting in the shade when Jake came from work.  She urged me to go home and spend the night. Jake said if I would he would go down and get supper and breakfast for Philip.

Philip is not well, and I felt I could not leave him that long. I told Jake to go with me and get some turkey, which he did, and after supper went home with enough for two meals, and Mrs. L. took enough for her and Mr. Lane two meals, and we have some left yet.

Brother has been ailing all week, think he is a trifle better this eve. The bugs are coming in, I must put out the light.

*(, Kansas State Historical Society, copy and reuse restrictions apply)