Abbie B., age 23, Kansas

The Rose girls were here yesterday, and I exerted my self to entertain them. They wanted to go to Lanes— but it was too far. Then they teased to go and see Jake. Found him writing letters.  Foiund him writing letters. All these young men came here last fall as did the Roses . They helped build the Rose house—a two story one— and stayed there while locating their claims, and building another house or two.

Mr. Rose told me many funny things that happened last Fall and Winter, and some more provoking than funny. “When the house was roofed, they all slept in it but your brother, he slept by a hay pile. I had gone up to W and bought a load of corn. Every day that pile of com grew less, and I thought your brother was feeding it to his pony at night. Well after a time all that slept in the house were lousy. Then we knew why he preferred to sleep out, and he was the only one who was not lousy. I found out too—where the corn was going, and that party soon left these parts.”

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