Abbie B., age 23, Kansas

A little rain this a. m. and cooler since. Yesterday p.m. I went to Roses.  Her parents and brother have just settled on a claim not far away.-r’ They were going over, and asked me to go along and call. We had a merry ride and a pleasant call. I do like to hear Schotch people talk, although I cannot understand all they say. The river is very low. The Rose children caught a 25 lb. catfish in a pool. No trouble to cross the river now. But one must be careful not to step on sandburs before getting stockings and shoes on again.

Mr. Smith brought me a letter from Mother and three from friends. All keep well at home. I made two fans from the feathers of the turkey Philip shot, also one for Mrs. Rose from feathers of one he shot last winter.

Philips ague is broken, but he looks so bad.

Was to the garden this a. m. brought down a lot of cucumbers, and sent them up to Roses.

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