Abbie B., age 23, Kansas

Christmas is past, and a very quiet day it was.  I spent it at my brothers.  Did not receive any present, except a letter from [Luania] Sheridin with a good picture of herself.

They were afraid to let me come up, it was so cold, but I was so anxious for the mail.  Mrs B – gave me a pair of drawers made out of a blanket – and they kept me warm.  There was no school Monday, and that day I visited at Van Reeds.  Mr. V – is a cousin of Mothers.  Then rode down here in p.m.  I came by way of Free Hall, when I turned the corner, a team came up behind me to pass, but Kit would not let them, she started to run and run she did some three miles, with the team close behind her.  A little way from Butlers, the team turned off and Kit slacked up.  That was the fastest ride I ever took.  They say Kit never lets a team pass her.

*(, Kansas State Historical Society, copy and reuse restrictions apply)