Abbie B., age 23, Kansas

I expect this will smell of calomel, oil, ct. The children have been quite sick with lung fever, are a little better but very restless. They both had fly blisters on their chests; now we put on bread and milk poultices, which must be changed often. It is after midnight. Katura has laid down, brother and I will be up the rest of the night.

I sewed until I got sleepy—now I am trying to write.

It is almost a week since we had the mail.

Brother Philip came west, about time I did, but went farther. Had a letter from him last week. He is in Kansas. I wrote to him the other day. Told him my school was out, and after visiting the cousins I supposed I’d go home, but would like to see more of the west; did he think I could get a school out there.

He is in some out of the way place, and I suppose it will be two weeks before I hear from him.

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