Abbie B., age 23, Kansas

Left Red Oak Shelter the 25th.  On the train that night, the next at Cottonwood Falls, next at Wichita, and the next at McLains ranch, and then here the 29th. Had no chance to write in journal until yesterday, when I wrote until tired. . . .

This house is about 14 by 12, built of cottonwood logs, which grow along the river.  The furnature consists of a bed, stove, table, two stools, boxes used for cubbards, a bench an dtrunks.   My trunk and bundle came up today. The water has gone way down—no trouble to cross now.

Mrs. N is a gentlewoman from Ohio.  Illy fitted for a pioneer life.  She longs for the time they can pay for their claim, and move to town. This is a new settlement. A year ago I understood there were no white woman within 15 or 20 miles.  Last winter the Osage Indians camped along the river. Their tepees are still standing, I have been told.

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