Abbie Bright, age 23, Illinois

Fine day. The peaches have bloomed, now the pears and cherries ct. are in bloom. The soil does not seem as fertile here as farther north. This end of Ill. is called Egypt. They have such odd names for places around here. Hard to find—Deadhog— Greasy—Foggy—Possum-point—ct. Cousin Sallie put water in the ash hopper, and a few days later, when she had lye enough, she made pretzels or is it Bretzels? They were excellent. I always supposed they had to be made in a factory. One Sunday we were to a Presbyterian church—some miles away. Part of the road led through low land and as the buggy—(The cousins have a top buggy which is great luxury out west) jolted over a strip of corduroy road, I noticed rose canes among the tangled underbrush by the road side, and asked what color the flowers were. Cousin Jim said he had never noticed, and when I asked the name of a shrub with a yellow fringe of bloom, he said, “I cant tell you, really I only know the name of one flower.” “What is that,” I asked. Then he could not remember it. How we did laugh, but we laughed more yet, when some time later he said, “I remember now, it is the Johny jump up.”

*(, Kansas State Historical Society, copy and reuse restrictions apply)