Chrish, age 19, London

Awake at 12pm. To Ilda then to Adrian at Rough Trade. To Ilda’s – drinks galore. 8pm we three all drinking at Ilda’s and Marlo comes in – oops. Me and Adrian wait for Ilda at pub then Ilda to Piccadilly. Me and Adrian to my place then Piccadilly. Hello Maddy (Ilda’s friend). To Kevin who’s quite berserk then to Alan. To Scala but not yet open. To Golden Egg for tea then back to Scala. Good time methinks. The Au Pairs are absolutely fabby. Ilda home 5am then silly film about “The Monster on the Campus,” however I enjoyed it. Au Pairs, Mekons, Ralph and the Ponytails, and a group from Finland, don’t know their name.