Columbus T., age 32, North Carolina

Dickey of Cherokee and myself rose in ample time this morning having slept better because of a free communication of ideas feelings and faults. I had occasion to recount many things concerning the dear departed[.] Bill concerning voting on the question of liquor prohibition in townships, reported favorably by Judiciary Committee with slight amendments. The bill to amend an act concerning the Consolidation of Central N.C. R. R. and others — called forth many amendments and much discussion and feeling. Gudger made a wild speech. Passed several readings but was reconsidered and will come up as unfinished business. Much might be here said — Myself and Capt Horton were invited by Mr. Huston to ride with him to Insane Asylum — also Mr. Mitchell. Went for the ride. Dr. Grissolm showed us through some of the wards. Was cheerfully greeted and recognized by three of Insane ladies. Went to Caucus. Public debt discussed that is all. Mr. Lines of Clay frd of Rep. Anderson has just invited me to his ‘room.’ Here I go in compliance.

*(Worthy of Record: The Civil War and Reconstruction Diaries of Columbus Lafayette Turner, Ed. Kenrick N. Simpson, courtesy of the State Archives of North Carolina.)