Columbus T., age 32, North Carolina

Began the day as usual. Read the morning papers. Senate worked on their new consolidation bill. The House passed the Machinery act for raising revenue. Brown of Mecklenburg had put in a resolution to raise a joint committee on adjournment, which he called up. This was similar to mine introduced before, and action on it was deferred, so that the Public Debt might first be adjusted when a committee could better determine the time of adjournment. It was know[n] too that there was already on hand this resolution, but he as some others, was anxious for a record in this matter, and I gave him opportunity, as it was or amended as to be like mine and would not therefore press the postponement to take it up. “Looks like stealing somebody else’s thunder.” Wrote to Mr. & Mrs. M.K. Steele. Went with Horton and Marler and called upon Simonton at the Yarboro, & McLeod Turner.

*(Worthy of Record: The Civil War and Reconstruction Diaries of Columbus Lafayette Turner, Ed. Kenrick N. Simpson, courtesy of the State Archives of North Carolina.)