Columbus T., age 32, North Carolina

Some peculiar but pleasant dreams. Day opened cloudy and rainy which continued all day with accumulation of ice on the trees &c.  The Revenue bill was passed on its second reading. Many little amendments were offered which were either adopted or rejected.

Letter from C.A. Carlton recd concerning school law and more especially the usury law, which he thinks would not be beneficial if adopted. If it is the true interest of the majority of the people of N.C. to have a law and fixed rate of interest, I am for it notwithstanding it may be my individual interest to leave it open to contract as I am more apt to loan than to borrow. Slept after dinner. At Supper Huston found a birthday present at his plate which he was afraid to exhibit. It proved to be a baby’s garment. Jokes and small talk till bed time. [In left margin] 12:15 I had better go to bed. Good night Sis.

*(Worthy of Record: The Civil War and Reconstruction Diaries of Columbus Lafayette Turner, Ed. Kenrick N. Simpson, courtesy of the State Archives of North Carolina.)