Went with Mr Dickey to Sunday school at Baptist Church. Joined Strangers class and heard them on Genesis 35th Chap. My object was to visit Infant Department presided over by Mr. & Mrs. Dodd. We were invited in after they were duly organized. The little ones sing in very good time. It seems they have organized a class of young men, who are not users of tobacco, and who will quit it in all its forms. Superintendent J.M. Heck condemned the use of it, saying that all drunkards or nearly so have preceded this condition by the use of tobacco. Another evil quite as great he thought was the chewing gum. Dr Prichard preached concerning importance of showing fruit of late revival. Baptism announced for 4 P.M. Called with Horton on Miss Boylan & Miss Thompson. Dr Jordan & Med [?] Leach called. [In left margin] Pleasant weather.