Columbus T., age 32, North Carolina

In the House to day the bills passed were of a local character such as the laying off and construction of a road from Wilkesboro to Taylorsville, and bills of incorporation. In the Senate bill preventing the selling of cotton between sunset and sunrise in quantities less than a bale passed without a dissenting vote.

Took the train at 4 P.M. for Haywood to see Sister Julia and husband, — observed the form of a lady in front of me which seemed to be familiar and noticed a gentleman walk in and take a seat by her, when it was settled in my mind that it was Miss Emma Taylor and her Curtis whom I met at Franklinville in Randolph Co. Had a pleasant chat until passing through the bridge over Deep River. I was reminded that I was at Haywood and must get off. Hasty leave. Found sister and family quite well. Reported all changes and news from home & retired late.

*(Worthy of Record: The Civil War and Reconstruction Diaries of Columbus Lafayette Turner, Ed. Kenrick N. Simpson, courtesy of the State Archives of North Carolina.)