Cornelia H., age 24, North Carolina

This is a disagreeable day, rather cold & rainy. I have got along very well in my confinement, had a little cold once. Dora has been so kind to me & my little ones. The babe seems to grow finely but is rather fretful at night. Dora & I get up with it some nights and Atheline some. It was born March 11th at 15 minutes after 6 o’clock in the evening on Monday 1861. Pinck and Zona love it a great deal especially Zona. I have got as stout as usual. Dora & I went to the mill the other day. She weighs 142 lbs., I weigh 139, Pinck 45 & Zonnie 28. I am very fleshy indeed.

Mr. Henry thinks of building again. I hope he may find it a profitable investment this time for if the house does not make money right away we will be bound to break. It is an establishment that will pay provided it is rightly managed but I much fear he will be as he ever has been, too lenient. I must stop writing as my eyes are weak & I fear I may injure them. Dora is asleep in the large arm chair. Mr. Henry has gone out somewhere. The widow Singleton keeps wanting to see Mr. Henry. I hope he will not let her see him.

*(Fear in North Carolina: The Civil War Journals and Letters of the Henry Family, Eds. Karen L. Clinard and Richard Russell, used with permission.)