Cornelia H., age 25, North Carolina

This is a cold clear morning. Very calm & sun shines warm. We had late breakfast. Rach Allen here this morning to get her letter, came while we were at breakfast. Willie is asleep at this time. Pinck & Zona rather noisey running through the house. I hope Mr. Henry will be here before next Sunday. I shall look for him on Saturday next. Willie got up on his hands & knees last Monday, his first attempt to crawl. He gets down on his stomach since & before & gets along some. Now he has just woke up. I must stop & take him to Atheline & get out dinner for it is nearly 11 o’clock.

I went down to Mrs. Fanning’s after I got out dinner, only staid a short time. Came back & sent Charlie to feed those hogs in the pen down at the mill for George don’t half feed them. No one here for dinner but Pinck, Zona & I. We had ribs for dinner. I eat heartily. I wrote a long letter to Lou before dinner & began one to Dora & Matt. Mrs. Fanning came up after two. Her & I went up to see Mary Taylor. Staid till nearly sun down. Jinnie had wretched coffee for supper. I sent her after some hickorys intended to flog her but got too tender hearted when she came back crying so I could not whip her. I have finished Dora’s & Matt’s letter tonight & read some in my bible. I have read it nearly through the second time. I am reading in Corinithians now. It is getting on near bed time so I will soon stop. Mrs. Fanning is reading in the bible now. My dear little ones are all asleep. Willie the last to go to sleep. He is a dear good babe. There is none of them bad children. Oh may they be as much pleasure in my old age as now. I will raise them up the best I can & I pray they will reward my trouble I have had with them when they were little. I now close for tonight, will write soon again.

*(Fear in North Carolina: The Civil War Journals and Letters of the Henry Family, Eds. Karen L. Clinard and Richard Russell, used with permission.)