Cornelia H., age 25, North Carolina

I cut Mr. Henry a coat today. Mixed jeans like his pants. Sewed a good deal of it on the machine. Went to Knight’s after dinner. Very cold & cloudy. Hands killing hogs today. Turned warmer at night. Killed 29 but did not get all the innards done. My head feels badly. Mr. Henry went with some men to take Francis Starnes as he is a deserter. Took him with no trouble. They stay here tonight also Esq. Thrash, the latter wanting salt but have got none to spare & Mr. Henry has let too much go already. He is too kind to all. The old black cow has a calf, more milk for us. 

*(Fear in North Carolina: The Civil War Journals and Letters of the Henry Family, Eds. Karen L. Clinard and Richard Russell, used with permission.)