Cornelia H., age 25, North Carolina

Well journal I have neglected you a good while but will try in future to write at least once a week. Nothing of interest has transpired in the last month. The examination came off the first of May in Asheville. Dora & Matt attended & started to Sister Jane’s the Thursday after. I have had one letter from Dora since. They speak of coming back here in July.

The sewing machine is doing finely. I made three pair pants for the volunteers, one pair being for J. L. Henry. I made one pair britches yesterday for Uncle Sam & 16 sacks for the mill on machine besides attending to babe. He is a very good child, bothers me but little. Pinck nurses him when he gets tired of laying. Pinck is a good boy. Zona crys a good deal.

The wheat crop looks well, the corn is doing well. We need rain now & have had little showers along.

The United States Government is still in an uproar, things seem to be going on badly. How I wish there could be a peaceful separation of the states. N. C. is out of the Union. Tennessee will soon be too. There has been two or three little spells of fights, not much. The Lincolnites are in possession of Alexandria Va. Killed Jackson, the proprietor of a hotel there & took some 40 southern prisoners. I fear we will have a bloody war yet. Thursday 13th of June is set apart as a day of thanksgiving & pray by President Davis of the Southern confederacy. We of the South ought to at least offer up our humble prayer for war to cease as it all lies in the hands of our great Creator.

There was preaching at the Academy on Friday. Mr. Wexler from Asheville. Mr. Henry was in Asheville yesterday, got me a hoop & Zona & I a scoop. I will trim them tomorrow. I have made up part of the negro clothes & part is still in the loom. The lapped briches in yet. The thread is here for the woman’s dresses but done nothing with yet. The loom in the back Piazza.

Atheline does the cooking now. She fixed a box and some dirt at one end of the piazza & part of one side yesterday evening & day before. I went to preaching last Sunday 2nd of June at the Academy. Mr. Renolds minister. He preaches the first Sabbath in every month to the negroes but the whites go too.

Strawberries are ripe now. I don’t think I shall get any for preserves. Cherries will soon be on. Our garden at hotel looks well, most of our vegetables are there. Cabbage planted down here & very small yet. This is a lovely day, not too warm & so bright.

There is still one company of volunteers in Asheville, the company Mr. Henry is in. I hope it may never have to leave for it seems to me I could not stand it to part with my dear husband. With the prospects of war upon us, what would become of me & my poor little ones. God only knows but he has promised to be a father to the fatherless. There will be many a sad heart in homes where the protector has been called away. May God protect the right is my humble prayer.

*(Fear in North Carolina: The Civil War Journals and Letters of the Henry Family, Eds. Karen L. Clinard and Richard Russell, used with permission.)