Cornelia H., age 25, North Carolina

Two weeks have gone by since I wrote. A great many things have happened since then. There was a bloody battle fought last Sunday 21st July near Manassas Junction. A good many killed on both sides. Report says Willie Hardy was killed. He was aid to Col. Kershaw of So. Ca. I have heard of no others that I know. I expect Aunt Rosa is in a sea of trouble for I think Thomas Taylor was in the fight though I have not yet heard.

On July the 27 Saturday, there was a barbacue up at the hotel place, a good many there. Tilda Jones came here in the morning & her, Mrs. Joe Green & I went up and took dinner. Mary J. Lusk & husband staid here all night that night. They made up a few volunteers. Lusk & N. W. Woodfin spoke on the occasion. I had the headache very badly that night. Tilda & Tom Morris left a little before sun down. Sunday, Mary J. Lusk & old man staid till evening. Mr. Henry & I went to the fish trap, nothing in it. Took a good long walk, came back by the Sulphur Springs. Jim Ledford was with us, he staid all night & went after Pinck Allen to go to the election of Capt. for a company raised called the Pisgah Guards. Mr. Henry went also, the election at the Baptist church this side of Sam Gudger’s. Elected G. Howell Capt. Are to march into Asheville tomorrow Tuesday. Mr. Henry bought me some nice apples from Candler’s. Pinck went with his Papa.

Tuesday 23rd I went to Asheville with Mr. Henry, also Pinck & Zona. Staid at J. L. Henrys. The Pisgah Guards met the infantry in front of Jim’s house.Gen. Edney made a short welcome speech. I have been very busy this week fixing to go to see old Mr. Henry & we start on Tuesday the 30th. I had a letter from Dora on Friday 26, they will be here the last of July so she said. I have had a letter from Lou too since I wrote before. She has not been at all well. Mr. Henry & I have been to Locust Knob today to preaching, came back for dinner. Morgan preached, not many went. I went with Mr. Henry to A. B. Jones’ on Friday 26th, spent the evening. Tilda came home with us, staid all night & went with Mr. Henry to the( ? ) at Sam Gudger’s meeting house. Pinck also. I staid at home & trimmed Till’s bonnet. I think ’tis a bridle one for ’tis trimmed in white ribbon & flowers. She also bought a white swiss to make. She went home yesterday evening or rather Mr. Henry went by her house & took her. I have been making Willie some aprons trimmed with pink & yellow.

*(Fear in North Carolina: The Civil War Journals and Letters of the Henry Family, Eds. Karen L. Clinard and Richard Russell, used with permission.)