Cornelia H., age 25, North Carolina

A month has gone by since I wrote. It seems a short one. Mr. Henry & I & the children started to Cherokee on Friday the 2nd of August about 12 o’clock & got to Hayesville at dusk. I was very sick with headache. We staid there till Monday. I went to church with Mr. Henry & Aunt Welch, heard a very good sermon from Mr. Moody a baptist minister. On Monday we went to Uncle John Love’s, got there for dinner, staid all night. On Tuesday went to Uncle Dillard Love’s, got there about 4 o’clock & staid till morning & Wednesday went to Mr. Henry’s father’s. We traveled over some awful roads on Tusquitte Mountain. The scenery is grand on Nantahala, truley sublime. I enjoyed it finely. It was dark when we got to Papa’s. We staid till Monday. Sunday the 11th we took dinner with Mrs. Garrison a renter of Papa’s. I enjoyed the trip finely. Monday 12th we started for home, rained nearly all day on us. Branton came with us over the Tusquitte Mountain to keep the hack from turning over as the road was so washed. We came to Uncle Dillard’s that night & spent Tuesday there. One of our horses took sick in the evening & died that night, old Jim’s horse. Mr. Henry went to Franklin Tuesday evening. Wednesday we came to Uncle John Love’s, got there late in the evening. Thursday started early. Mallie McBee came on with us going to Asheville. Got to Hayesville in the evening, sundown. We heavy loaded as the man whose horse we got to bring us home is along & Mallie so we have a load. Heard at Hayesville that Sister Jane had come. Friday started for home, got here nearly sundown. Found all well. Sister Jane & them in Asheville. Saturday Mr. Henry went after them. I had the toothache badly, it came after dinner & Mallie & I & Pinck went up as far as Parker’s, the old Murray place to meet them. It rained a little on us coming back. Sister Jane staid till Wednesday & started back as she is anxious to hear from Neilson who has gone to Kentucky to buy horses. Mallie & Matt went to Asheville Tuesday. Matt came back Monday in Sister Jane’s carriage. Sister Jane was not well whilst here, complained a good deal. On Sunday after she left, Dora, Matt & I went to camp meeting at Ashbury campground but few attended. We took our dinner & went in the worst old hack imaginable, an old thing that has been standing in the lot a year or so. We enjoyed the day finely. Tilday Jones & Tom Morris were married on last Thursday.

Aug 28th – Pa & Berry Hogan came this evening at night. Pa looks well. We heard Friday 30th that Mr. Neilson was a prisoner in Kentucky. Sister Jane wrote Pa & co. started on Saturday. Quin is along too. I have been quite idle since Dora & Matt came. I had the headache very bad on Friday last. Willie has two teeth through, found them Friday 30th. He is not six months old till the 11th of Sept. He is a dear good child. Mr. Henry says Zona will be an old maid because she is so nice about everything. Pinck is growing finely, a good boy. The Cavalry have left Asheville, all but Hays company from Cherokee. There is a Regiment of infantry there. Clingman Vol. & five other companies besides. I fear we will have an awful time of it yet right here, for there are so many union men in East Tennessee all about where Sister Jane lives. Pa was telling us Caroline Lawson was dead, died at Aunt Sallie’s. The army made sad havick with about three acres of Mr. Henry’s corn. It was at the worst about the middle of August & then rain set in so they have done no harm since.

Sept. 1st – Staid at home all day. Preaching at Academy but some of the whites went. Mr. Renolds preached, not many out so the negroes said.