Cornelia H., age 24, North Carolina

I finished caps and began a gown to put the trimming on Sister Jane sent over. She is a good sister to me, so kind of her to come and stay with me through my confinement in which time lags so on my hands. It was so kind in my dear husband to write asking her to come but he is ever mindful of my comfort. Mr. Henry went to Asheville today & he & Terry had a finish of their arbitration. Terry gets the house this year for $500 and allows Mr. Henry nothing for last year. Oh! he is a vile old wretch as ever went unhung. At night Jim Nicholds & a man named Cole came down about 11 o’clock (two patrols) saying George was at the stillhouse playing the fiddle for them to dance, which so provoked Mr. Henry as he had given him a pass to his wife’s house telling him not to stop at the stillhouse, but the men deceived him & had the negro to come & play for them, so Mr. Henry & Terrys (the old man & two boys) picked a fuss with Mr. Henry and they had a general row. No one hurt much. Old Terry got the worst end of the row & Bill Terry I guess hurt him as he did all the shouting but thanks to a Divine Providence, Mr. Henry & negro George come out with no bones broken, ’tho George got a lick on the neck which will disable him several days. Old Terry got a hole through one ear besides other scratches & so ended that row. I fear they will have more of it yet.

*(Fear in North Carolina: The Civil War Journals and Letters of the Henry Family, Eds. Karen L. Clinard and Richard Russell, used with permission.)