Cornelia H., age 26, North Carolina

Very busy all day cleaning up the yards. Zona & I went to the Academy to preaching. The circuit rider Smith preached. It was very warm going & coming. Mr. Henry went to Asheville today. Got me one bunch of tape for tape trimming. I emptied a kit of lard that was leaking after dinner. Cleaned the smoke house behind the kitchen & I was very tired. The negroes all went off to the wedding. I cleaned up the dishes. Had supper before dark. Mr. Henry went up to Cole’s to see about sending for salt. It was near 10 o’clock when he got back. I sit up till he came. Zona too, for she took a long nap this evening.

*(Fear in North Carolina: The Civil War Journals and Letters of the Henry Family, Eds. Karen L. Clinard and Richard Russell, used with permission.)