Cornelia H., age 27, North Carolina

A very cold night & no better this morning. Zona & Willie slept on the trundle bed last night, part of the night, as Mr. Henry had to get up in the night & put Willie with me & he slept with Zona till day. I miss Pinck so much when night closes in. I want to see my little boy come into the fire but he will not come for many a long weary month. Yes they will be long months to me. Mr. Henry & all the soldiers started today about 12. I was sorry to see Mr. Henry go as it is so very cold. A heap of them will suffer with cold today as a great many of them are thinly clad. Betsey did not weave any yesterday & she is here this evening. She did not go home as there was so many soldiers about. Aunt Patsey has just left. She came here since dinner to see what kept Betsey. She will get very cold. Zona & Willie are talking about Pinck now. They speak of him often & Zona cries for him often. I wish he was here. I must go & get out supper as the sun is nearly down. I hope Mr. Henry is well & not suffering from cold. God bless him & spare his dear life to his family & bless my little boy with health & contentment is my sincere prayer.  *(Fear in North Carolina – The Civil War Journals and Letters of the Henry Family)