Cornelia H., age 27, North Carolina

The soldiers stay here all day, having their horses shod. Nine o’clock before we got our breakfast. Pinck & Harrie started about 11. I was so sorry to see my child go away. God bless him with health & contentment. I never expect to see Harrie again. He took all his things to Columbia. I sent a box of apples for Pinck & had another one fixed up for Eugenia but they could not take it. It is very cold this morning & last night. I fear Pinck will suffer with cold. I hope he may get there all right. Harrie had the toothache very badly when he started. He will suffer all day with it I fear. The house full of soldiers all the time. I have done nothing today. My heart feels sad & lonely for my oldest child is gone. If he was back I would not send him. I love my little ones so devotedly. God bless him I pray.  *(Henry Family Papers, 1837-1911, North Carolina Room, Pack Library, Asheville, NC)