Cornelia H., age 31, North Carolina

Mr Henry and Matt went to town. Matt to get some wedding things, I took all the children to Capt Moore’s to get their photographs I had mine and Siddie’s taken in a nice case for Christmas gift for papa. I think he will appreciate it. I have fixed the children a Christmas tree and decorated them a table. Pinck Zona Willie and Bettie Moore went to see the Christmas tree at Millers meeting house they came back well pleased. The school boys came serenading tonight made a great noise but little music. Pinck went off with them. The children are well pleased with their Christmas tree. Mr Henry has seen his present and is well pleased with it. Gus has some glass marbles so has Willie and Eddie. I try to have little things for my children to please them Christmas comes but once a year. They will remember their tree a long time. They will soon be grown I will not have many more years to please their childhood in.  *(Henry Family Papers, 1837-1911, North Carolina Room, Pack Library, Asheville, NC)