Cornelia H., age 31, North Carolina

Willie Gussie and Eddie are delighted with their glass marbles. Matt and I sat up till near 11 o’clock last Monday night fixing for the children they will appreciate it some day I had to whip my dear little daughter today for a trifle. I hate it so much she is a good child when she tries. Pinck staid at Capt Moore’s last night after the serenade. I have been at work all day cooking being gone yesterday Ann and Rene did not prepare enough I gave most of it to the serenaders. Mary Rollins and Mrs. Sutton helped some. Rene here today. Ann went home this morning to come back tomorrow. Betsy Laura Glenn and Matt went to Capt Moores to have their photographs taken. Betsy and Laura staid here last night they have gone to Ham Cannons to night. This has been a very pleasant day Spring like I don’t think I ever saw it so pleasant at this season in Buncombe. Good by Christmas of 1867 you are numbered among the things that are past.  *(Henry Family Papers, 1837-1911, North Carolina Room, Pack Library, Asheville, NC)