Dan W., age 19, Kentucky

Wake — 0930 Bed — 0034 Mom, Dad, and I started the day with a quick run to the Reds Hall of Fame. Dad had seen the bobbleheads they were giving away sell for $50, so we all got one, then doubled back to take in the exhibits. I was surprisingly entertained; the 1990 World Series exhibit caught me up with an era of which I knew little, and the whole place had that indefinable inspiration of the national game. Sounds cheesy, but when people place stock in the mythos, it really does live. Screwed around the afternoon until we headed to KC’s graduation party. Excellent catered Mexican, but the crowd was as usual on both sides of my age range. I tried to make polite conversation but realized how little I actually care about most of the people… Wandered listlessly until some nighttime capture the flag, then Dad and I headed home.