Henry S., age 25, Michigan

We had a good hard rain last night and this morning, which we so much needed.  Fred Neill, Dor and I went on a genuine excursion today, taking a boat and going across Crystal Lake to Glen Rhoda and climbing up to the top of the hills and viewing the scenery, also fighting mosquitos, Dor being especially afflicted with them.  We had a pretty rough see going over, but we had a splendid time.  Fred and I took a good swim.  We went away back in the woods to a clearing set out to fruit.  We found a canoe afloat and brought it back with us.  I came home and left Dor and Freed to fish.  Jessie came and stayed a while with Kate, this afternoon.

*(R. Henry Scadin Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, UNC Asheville)