Henry S., age 25, Michigan

Mr. Bradford came on this morning and plastered the cistern one coat, this forenoon.  I had all I could do to keep him supplied with mortar.  I had just water enough.  Mr. Bradford went to the Court House to do some work as soon as he got through here.  I went to the creek and got a half barrell [sic] of water just before noon.  Commenced to make the eaves trough this afternoon.  I got 2 made and painted.  There came up a big wind with a fog from the north-west, which made things jingle for a little time.  It finally settled down into a good rain.  I caught the tubs full of water and filled the barrell [sic]  too.

*(R. Henry Scadin Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, UNC Asheville)