Marcy S., age 17, Tennessee

Windy, cool, then cold. Big headlines in the paper. So this is war! Everybody talking about Japan, Germany, etc. Canada declared war on Japan last night. Mr. Goddard says he doesn’t expect much from us on test tomorrow — if we’re as mad as he is — and we certainly are! I just couldn’t concentrate on valence, which fact I shall probably regret tomorrow. Mary is going to be a nurse — I want to do something! If only I were a boy!

No Latin today — all war talk. At 11:00 went in Mrs. Geasland’s room and listened to radio. Out early. Pushed home and at 11:30 heard President Roosevelt ask joint session of Congress for declaration of war with Japan. Could hardly eat any dinner. Heard some speeches from various members of both houses. Back to school and heard that both houses had voted almost unanimously for war. In the House the only dissenting vote was by a woman who voted against our entrance into World War I — what does she expect us to do — sit down and let them come?!

I’ve had the strangest feeling today — as if it were all a dream — or should I say nightmare!

Heard Mr. Churchill at 2:00. News reports and class discussion in history. Two boys in our class have joined up, hath rumor. Laurence Cate is considering it — good! I didn’t feel like supper or study or Christmas gifts or sleep or anything but poring over the radio. Lots of bombing news today — Guam, Midway, Wake Islands. Over twenty (almost thirty) nations involved in the conflict. Countries declaring war right and left.

Today after noon they played our national anthem on the radio and we all stood up. I nearly yelled at the top of my lungs — something or other. But it was very stirring. And also at noon the flag waving above the building made me want to fight, fight, fight! It isn’t a movie, or a dream — it’s real! But I’m not afraid — I feel as if I could fight the whole Japanese empire and win! Victory!