Marcy S., 51 years, North Carolina

Elizabeth Maker, one of my new sisters in Christ (she’s only 28 but our age difference doesn’t even matter!) prayed together this morning on the floor in the living-dining-bedroom of her house, with little Reuben playing nearby. We prayed with our understanding and also in the Spirit, interceding for family members, for Patsy, and for brothers and sisters in Rock Church. We laid hands on each other and prayed for personal needs. Elizabeth asked that God would use my musical talent in a wonderful new way — I just want Him to use it for His glory. She also asked that He use me in the healing ministry, increasing my compassion and concern for those who suffer. We shed many tears but the light and joy of the Lord’s presence were so real.

I must support Jim and Chris more with my prayers and with spoken words of encouragement.

Now the chains of “too much to do in too little time” in preparation for Christmas have been broken. Help me to discipline myself, Lord Jesus, each day, but not to get in a dither when I don’t accomplish what I plan to. This is going to be Your Advent and Christmas season — may everything I do be to Your honor and glory!

“The Child – The Cross – The Crown.”