Marcy S., age 16, 1941

(m) Milder, bright, very nice. Mary gave me a note she wrote to me last night in Greek — “You were so sweet today. I love you, dearest.” Fun in history. Another test. After class Jeanne G. said something again to Mary about Saturday. As soon as Mary got to Latin, she put her head down on her desk and cried. I couldn’t stop her. Fortunately, Goody was busy and didn’t notice. All during class she kept trembling, and somehow it went through me, too, Diary. I hate Jeanne for hurting Mary. All I could do was to put my hand on her shoulder. Both our translations were bad. Goody says no more writing in books. How can I read? Mary absent in afternoon. Lots of lessons. Clay took Helen home last night from the party. After music lesson, I took Mary’s books to her. On way to doctor’s, they drove me home. Stayed at George’s at night while Mom and Dad were away. Love dearest more than ever. Lovely day. Beautiful moon.