Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Partly cloudy, fair. Cool but milder. I made Jessie Rose take five cents to pay for one of our prizes. I played an Indian war dance for one of the group’s programs. Test in history. It would certainly solve a lot of problems if Mrs. McCluen would write a history book of her own. Saw Miss Alford first thing in morning. She said she told us over and over that 29 would only be a C, and I know that she didn’t! Marg. Louie said so, too. I was so mad at noon and Mom vowed that she was going to Miss Alford and Mr. Black if necessary. Last period Mary called up. She said my voice made her feel so good. Mother also called to say she was coming after school to see Miss Alford. She did, and Ruth and Helen waited in the hall while the feathers flew in the typing room. I can see both sides of the question, but Mom and Miss Alford can only see their sides, and of course didn’t get anywhere. Mom went away nice and mad. Mrs. Gallihan had advised her to handle Miss Alford with gloves on but it didn’t work. Ruth and Helen went on home but Mom and I drove to town. Went to Dress Shoppe and got myself a lovely white evening dress for the banquet. Beautiful afternoon. Too nice to fuss. Home and brought Barbara down to see Mom after playing with the kittens. Ruth and Helen came. Then I practiced. Mom and Dad to Kiwanis Club. Helen came for supper in the evening. Had fun.