Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Perfectly beautiful day. After music lesson I worked on my history theme till noon. All finished. After dinner Mom and I drove down to Stella Brown’s and I took some pictures for her. They’re moving away and we have to get a new washerwoman. After dishes Helen and I went to town. We stopped at the Webbo and talked with Mary for about a half hour. I practiced when we got home. About 5:45 Mom let me drive some. She of course went along. I drove way down to Goodman’s and way around to the depot by Morgan Street, passed cars and everything and wasn’t a bit scared or nervous. Then I drove again from Rockwell’s home. Dad was out in the front yard and I got excited, and when I saw the curb coming I forgot where the brake was. Result: we went over the curb and side-swiped Waterhouses’ maple tree. Then I had sense enough to step on the brake. Mom was so surprised she didn’t think to pull the emergency brake. Dad rushed over and told me I had ruined the tree. I had expected to see it all slashed and a terrible dent in the fender, but it wasn’t bad at all. Dad said it wouldn’t kill the poor tree. I ran up and told Helen. She had been teasing me about having an accident. Whew! Mom says I’m forgiven but she hopes I have learned my lesson. At night Mom and Dad approved my theme.