Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Nice, a little cool. In Sunday School, Miss Tindall told me as a secret that her engagement is to be announced next weekend. Ah! She is so pretty. Sat with Ella in church. Miss Davis absent with flu. Met Helen after church and walked home with her. The Stovers have a new car. Swell! Mary didn’t come — went to her grandmother’s. So Helen and I went walking. I had a bad case of Spring fever and Helen wasn’t much better. Got to Christian Education on time. Ella brought Clay. Earl was there. Helen led. Short meeting. When we came home, Helen and I sat in the car for awhile, then picked last of lilacs and drove with Mom and Dad over to see the new washwoman. Took Barbara, who wasn’t still a minute. So cute. In the evening Mrs. Spencer, her mother, Mrs. Rodgers, Mrs. Clure and George came. I played and Dad sang. I got sleepy so George and I retired to the kitchen for ginger ale. Wish I’d seen Mary today. Miss Spencer’s mother is so sweet.