Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Lovely, still warmer. Elma and I spoke to Mrs. C about Mary’s coming to the banquet. Mrs. C is going to see Coach about it. Beta Club meeting during chapel in library. So bright and beautiful was the morning outside. Like summer. Bunny absent. Test in typing. Made 93. No fifth period class on account of Variety Show at 2:00 at other building sponsored by Drill Team. I didn’t go. Stayed in office last period. Copied Mary’s Latin words for her ’cause she went to the show. They all came back just as school was dismissed. Roberta and I had a friendly fight on the steps. At last I got home. Phoned Mary to borrow typing manual. After music lesson, I took Barbie for a walk around the block. She repeated everything I said. We blew the fuzz off the dandelions until Barbie started eating it. Then she cried when I took her home. Worked on history theme. Early supper. At 6:40 I left for town. Met George who was returning home after showing a corporal around town. One hundred and fifty soldiers are camping in the park tonight — mostly Negroes. Saw some at town. I was there early, so Goody said I could go down to the Webbo. Talked to Mary a few minutes. Told her a secret. Back to Princess. We all fourteen met there and then at 7:50 Mr. Bevel let us in to get seats (Beta Club). I sat with Mary L. She told me about a party at Suddath’s last Saturday which she was ashamed to say she attended. Saw Deanna Durbin in “Spring Parade.” Very good. Felt grand. Then we all went to Chase’s Drug Store.