Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Nice, in fact, beautiful. Much warmer. Chapel. First grade rhythm band played. So cute. Made terrible grade in typing, but I tried for speed not accuracy. William brought Mary’s typing manual at noon via Jim. I spent fifth study hall in Mrs. Bunch’s room reading essays. Got mine all completed. Very interesting. We have to write an essay for term theme. Last period Mary phoned and we talked for quite a while. She was in a very complimentary mood. Sent Ruth in my place to music club picnic committee meeting so I could go home and study, and then Mrs. C made me stay awhile after school. Stopped by Helen’s and saw the new Persian kitten — Fuzzy. Went home and called Mary. She said that her mother said I could spend the night with her some night when school’s out. I nearly yelled the house down. Went at practicing with a vim. Soon Mrs. Moore came with Glenn, Jr. He is so cute — chubby. Didn’t feel like practicing when they left so I took Barbara up to Mother Lane’s with me. At night practiced my piece and copied history theme. Fun today.