Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Very mild and lovely. Papers (book reports) returned in Eng. Lit. – Betty and I both got S+. Cloudy and sort of rainy in morn. Miss Blenko away. Tennis in gym. I took rest. Piano lesson at 2. Practiced. Went to town. Cleared – very warm. Mary came down. Betty forgot all about Board of Pub. til I came back from town and reminded her. She flew over and was back before 4:30. I talked her into going to Mary Ann’s recital with me. Another girl sang. (In recital hall.) Mary Ann did very well – hope I come out as well. Getting scared already! Over by 5:15. Betty and I went down to dairy and got double-dippers. Like summer. Good dinner. Cloudy afterwards. Jacq Polk, Betty and I went for a long walk and didn’t get back til 8:30. Worn out but it was fun. Jacq is swell! To bed early. ’Tis May – everything smells so good!