Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Dearest Diary — I hope I’ll never forget today — don’t suppose I shall. Beautiful and warm first thing in morning. Walked to school with Helen. At the side entrance we saw Ella and Clay talking. When we reached them Ella beckoned to me and said, “We have a proposition to discuss with you.” Upon my asking what it was, she referred me to Clay who said, “Earl asked us to ask you to go to the banquet with him tonight.” I nearly fell over, my knees were so weak! Helen let out a yell of triumph or joy or something and Clay and Ella laughed and wanted to know my answer. When I had sufficiently recovered, I told them to tell him I would go, because, really Diary, I couldn’t tell him myself. It was so funny. Helen rushed down to the Sophomore room to broadcast the good news and I ran into Mary Louie and spilled it. When we went into the room Early was sitting at his desk with his hand resting on his head and his face as red as could be. Later Ella informed me that it was all arranged and that Earl would be by for me in time. All the rest of the morning I felt very important because someone (even if it were Earl) was taking me to the banquet.

We saw the Health Parade start from the old building at 9:30. It brought back so many nice memories — the years when I was in the Health Parade seem ages ago — as though I were living in a different life now. It was cloudy during history class and I got worried, but by noon it was nice again. I prayed that it wouldn’t rain till tomorrow. At noon I told Mother the wonderful, shocking news and she teasingly told me I shouldn’t have accepted if he didn’t have the courage to ask me himself. But she said it was okay for me to go with him. Ella and I exchanged significant glances during the course of the afternoon, and everybody seemed to be looking at me in the halls. Whether the news had gotten around (which it undoubtedly had, thanks to Helen) or whether my done-up hair attracted the attention, I don’t know. Just as we were leaving Earl turned around and said that he would keep his Christian Education promise tonight by taking me home and would be by about 6:45. Ah! Clay and Ella informed me after school that he would be by for me. Heavenly days! I was a wee bit scared it was too good to be true. My first date! Which reminds me: at noon Blanche and Mary Joe stopped me in the hall and asked me if I had a date for tonight and when I answered yes and they guessed Earl, I started laughing. They joined in, but admitted they didn’t see anything so funny. It was the word “date” — I’m not used to it.

Helen went down to Mrs. Moore’s with me after school to borrow a wrap for tonight. Baby Glenn is so sweet. He quite embarrassed his mother by solemnly staring at me practically the whole time we sat there visiting. Every so often, however, he would smile his adorable smile, which saved the day. It didn’t bother me, though — the staring, I mean. Helen went on to town and I went home to take a bath. Then did my nails and went up to Helen’s to see about the flowers. She had just made a lovely corsage for Henrietta Wilburn. Mrs. Wilburn helped us pick some pink rose buds and of course Barbara was along, too. Then we went up to Mother Lane’s for some yellow rose buds. I furnished the fern and lilies of the valley. About 5:30 I started dressing and was soon arrayed in my dearest white lacy dress. I don’t mean to be vain but I did look lovely in it — not a bit like my usual self, as Helen observed later. 

P.S. Fifth period Mrs. C. had us all in the gym helping with different things. I practiced my piece on the piano. Jr. Martin said he didn’t blame me for going with Earl.

P.S. I phoned Mary the last period and told her the glad news.